Is this too mainstream?

I know what you guys are thinking.. "Ugh, that skirt, again?"  This particular skort from Zara has been in all of our favourite blogs for the past few months and probably for a couple more. My best friend, Maria, actually showed this to me when it came out and we've been fan girling about it ever since. I have no idea what took us so long to finally get it ourselves. (You can check out her super bangin' outfit post with it over here)

It's travel season again for me so *hopefully* expect a ton more of new outfit posts and travel diaries. I was debating whether to do a haupdate a.k.a. haul update with the rest of other items I purchased last weekend but I decided to already store them in my suit case as a surprise. I'll be flying to Maryland for roughly two weeks and then spending a weekend in New York before I fly to Las Vegas. I hope this skort won't be ephemeral. It's such a lovely piece and I know I'll be wearing it a lot so I apologise in advance.


  1. I have this skirt! And blogged about it ... and well just one of this season must have! ♥

    By the way, I just found your blog on your instagram! Really love it! I'll be back here soon :)


    1. Merci beaucoup! I totally agree. And thank you for following! Looking forward to more posts from you x

  2. personally, i can't get enough of that skirt. i love geometry and minimalism - enjoy it!