ber months

13. zara relaxed fit jeans (us 2) $59.90

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Is it too early to make a wishlist yet?  Back in the Philippines, whenever the 'ber' months would start, you'd tend to see people putting up decorations, playing Christmas songs, and basically just embracing the season. Honestly, this list that I made isn't something I would only want for Christmas; it's also a list of pieces that I feel like would be essential and timeless. The one item that I'm really coveting is none other than the Balenciaga Cutout boots. I've had my eye on it ever since I could remember (all thanks to the bloggers that I follow - specially Rumi) and I don't know what I would do if I ever I get a chance to cross it out of my list. Of course I only listed the material things on here but I also have personal non-materialistic wishes that I'm praying for. I'm sorry if I didn't put this in a sequential order, but there's a key above to help you figure out which ones I'm obsessing at. Hover over the name to check them out x


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